the Communication City

A visit of Communication City is a unique experience. It’s residents are very kind. They are experts in their field, they are friendly and they care. For You. For your product, service or brand. It has been here with you since 1996.

The visit of Communication City is a special experience.
The Communication City has everything that any other cities have. And much more. Visit the Communication City!


Where to go in the Communication City?

It is populated by experienced project managers who stick up for any visitor, and try to show them the right way to succeed in the market.

There are many ways to reach your goal, you can walk, take a cab, hop on a bus … In the maze of possibilities you will find the best one here.

The best ideas production is taking place in many production facilities. We follow the highest quality and ecological standards.

The city needs to be run and the right decisions have to be made, for residents as well as for visitors. Always available!

Regulations, rules, laws, taxes, invoices. Boring? Not at all.

The Communication City newsroom.

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The Galery Of Projects

Our social heritage consists of the achievements from different creative and media areas, we have created for our regular or occasional visitors.

The Residents

The Visitors

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How To Reach Us?

agencija za trženjsko komuniciranje, d.o.o.

Medvedova ulica 25
1241 Kamnik

T: + 386 1 8396 400
E: info@ir-image.si